Real Estate

Real Estate

Demographics and an increasingly expanding middle class are fueling demand for real estate in growth markets. These markets also house the most rapidly urbanizing cities in the world.

Angumi capital has been a service provider in real estate financing, Commercial retail offices , warehousing, hospitality and resorts, hospitals and student accommodation.

In our markets, real estate has traditionally not been developed and invested into at the pace required to match the underlying economic progress. This is especially relevant to residential, office, retail and logistics real estate.

Our Strategy

Due to the variations within growth markets, Angumi Global Capital maintains an opportunistic approach to real estate investing. In most of our markets however, there is a clear lack of high-quality real estate, built according to the increasingly specific demands of both domestic and international tenants. Therefore we see an attractive proposition within development and re-positioning strategies across sectors. Such strategies rely heavily on the capital appreciation of the underlying asset, unlocked through rigorous implementation of best-in-class real estate practices and requiring close on-the-ground monitoring, effectively managed through the real estate team’s collaboration with the Angumi Global Capital local offices.

On the other end of the spectrum are lower risk income focused strategies, where the rental income of the underlying properties constitutes a higher proportion of the projected returns. More specifically, these strategies are pursued to enable access to a high level of diversification across growth markets and a regular income distribution to our investors.

Our real estate business is pursuing strategies across the risk spectrum and in doing so, is able to offer a holistic real estate alternative for investors. The real estate team work closely with local teams and have a proven ability to source, execute and asset manage investments in a wide variety of real estate sub-sectors.

The team benefits from Angumi Global Capital extensive local presence and network which enables an institutional, yet entrepreneurial and hands-on approach to real estate private equity investing. Our partnership capital approach goes beyond traditional private equity of simply acting as a means of financial capitalization.

Angumi Global Capital has invested in real estate and real estate related sectors. Strategies have varied according to the market opportunities in the geographies we have been active in and has included both development and income-led strategies in sub-sectors such as retail, offices and student accommodation.

Angumi Capital has partnered with EPC to facilitate financing in the real estate sector with a focus on Africa deals.

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